If you have ever judged a crossfit competition competion before, with your stop watch around your neck and your pen and paper, you will agree that the experience can sometimes get quite stressful – trying to write down the scores, navigating the competition floor, resetting the rower screen and at the same time trying to count those darn double unders?
PlumPot is working on a solution to make judging easier and even more fun. No more will you have to second-guess how many reps the athlete has done or remember to write down thesplit times. You will however, still call those NO reps (or BRO reps – if the athlete is your ride home).

How we plan to do this

Generally, Crossfit judges carry around a stopwatch and a clipboard to write the scores, we thought hey why not fuse these two like Goku and Vageta, to form Gogeta…
The CrossWatch will have workouts pre-programmed on the device. The device will be able to count your reps aswell as record split-times and the final time of the workout. The chat below shows an exmaple of what the menus structure may look like on a configured device.

Manual Mode

Manual Mode will allow for quick workouts, the initial version of the Crosswatch will focus on the two main crossfit workout types AMRAP (as many reps as possible) and RFT (rounds for time). This mode will either count your reps for the alloted time for the AMRAP or it will keep track of your reps and your finish time for the RFT, don’t worry it will have a time (mercy) cap feature for people like us. 

BenchMark Mode

The CrossWatch will have the infamous BenchMark workouts we love to hate pre-programmed on it. So with a quick click you can ask a buddy to keep track of your favourite ladies.

Competition Mode

A very cool feature! Organising a competition? WIth a simple applcation on your PC or mobile phone, you can create virtually any type of workout and program it into the CrossWatch. Whether the workout is 21-15-9 thrusters and burpees or an AMRAP consisting of Rowing and DU you will be able to configure the CrossWatch to keep track of the reps, split times and final times for that workout. This means that the judges can concentrate completely on analysing the movement standards to ensure that the event is run as fairly as possible.

The CrossWatch used in the Open

Crossfit Open 19.1

Crossfit Open 19.2

Crossfit Open 19.3

Crossfit Open 19.4

Crossfit Open 19.5

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