19.4 – OPEN 2019

19.4 – OPEN 2019

19.4 was the one where you close your eyes and GO!!

The Workout

For total time:
3 rounds of:
10 snatches
12 bar-facing burpees
Then, rest 3 minutes before continuing with:
3 rounds of:
10 bar muscle-ups
12 bar-facing burpees

Men snatch 95 lb/43kg.
Time cap: 12 minutes

The Crosswatch being used

19.4 was the best test we had for the CrossWatch. This workout had an interesting catch and that was that people will rest for 3 minutes at diffrent times.  So, if the athlete was done with the first part of the workout, the judge quickly had to look up and take note of the time and then take note of when the athlete had to go again. Well the CrossWatch did all this for you and you could just focus on the judging. The CrossWatch saved the split time and the started counting down the 3 minutes that the athlete had to rest. If an athlete took longer than 9 minutes to finish the first part, then the Watch would not wait till the 12 minutes us up just to give the athlete the score. 

The Layout

Below is the layout of the CrossWatch for 19.4. We tried to make it as user friendly as possible. Navigation is done with the left and right buttons and the top button is the “OK” button.


The watch in action!!

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