CrossWatch Gets a Housing

CrossWatch Gets a Housing

The Housing

The CrossWatch finally received a housing, well sort of, PlumPot finally decided to stick to a housing design for now.
A person can improve and improve a design to be better and better, especially if you two diffrent people that have two diffrent opinions, so when both Plum at Pot was sort of happy with the design we jumped at it and froze it for version 1. The housing was designed on free web site called TinkerCad. TinkerCad is a 3D rending tool designed by Autodesk. Its perfect for beginners to get introduced to the world of 3D printing


Sometimes as engineers we always try to complicate things and always try to make things as ‘fancy’ as possible. In times like those its always good to remember the phrase K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid). and that is exactly what PlumPot did in this housing. The housing consists of 3 buttons and one hole for the LED display. With these 3 buttons the user will be able to navigate select workouts and count the reps that is needed.

3D Rendering

It is a great time to be alive, in today world one can draw a housing and then import in your electronics hardware design and have a look if it will fit, and that is exactly what we did. From TinkerCad we exported a STL file and import it in to Altium Designer. Altium designer is a engineering design assistant tool that allows the user to create PCB’s for electronics design.  Altium is a premier package and not always available for the normal person. Another tool that is free and more than capable is EASYEDA ( This is a free tool more than capable for someone starting out

Bringing it to Life.


Once a housing was agreed upon, it needed to be seen if it was possible to print and how easy will be to successfully print the housing. Printing was done on a Flashforge 3.  The images below are early prints with diffrent 3D printer materials namely ABS and PLA. PLA is a much easier material to print as ABS. I would not advise ABS for beginners


THE PCB(Electronics)

Like mentioned earlier the PCB was made using Altium designer. PCB where order by JLCPCB is a Chinese manufacturer that focuses on quick proto types and extremely cheap. The shopping is more expensive than the PCB itself.  Below are the images from computer simulation (left) and real-life PCB(Right) it’s crazy how life like it has become.

What is next?

PlumPot Finally has all the pieces to complete the first self-manufactured version of the CrossWatch, this week the PCB will be populated and see how good the housing actually is.  Once that is completed it will be full steam on programming the CrossWatch and the LCD display. If all goes well, we will have a working prototype end of May to show the Crossfit community.

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