PlumPot Videos

How to make your own PCB - Ordering the PCB

How to make your own PCB - PCB Layout.

How to make your own PCB - Draw a Schematic.

Populating our own PCB's at home.

PlumPot next project?? - The Choice is yours!!!!

Install Arduino IDE to use with ESP32

CrossFit Rep Counter - How does the potentiometer work?

How to Build a Crossfit Rep counter - Part 1

PlumPot RGB Coaster - Smart Coaster with 28 configurable LEDs

Plumpot Diaries Ep 02 - 1st Month as business owners, our experience so far.

PlumPot Diaries Ep 1 - How to start a buisness in The Netherlands(Registering at KVK)

Making a Photo Album with M5stack to celebrate the Rugby World Cup!!