RGB Fish Tank

What are we building

In this project, we will help Caelin build his RGB Fishtank. Caelin has an existing fish tank that can be seen below.

We will use the existing top housing of the Fish Tank and have two types of LED placed in it. The first LED is one of our favourite trusty WS2812B. We will have four stips of WS2812B along the edge of the fish tank. This will be controlled by an ESP32 to give some colour to the system.

Caelin also cares about the health of the plants inside the Fishtank so we will make a custom PCB with LED that has the correct wavelengths so the plants and fish can be happy as well.

The LED’s will also be able to change state, depending on the temperature of the water, so we will have a water proof water sensor as well


Components you will need to build with us

To join Caelin in building this cool RGB Fishtank, you will need the following components:

1. ESP32 – The ESP will control the Ws2812b LED strip; it will also take the input from the temperature sensor and process the information to control the LED.

2. Ws2812b – These LED will be placed on the outer edge of the top housing.

3. DS1820 Waterproof temperature sensor – The Ds1820 will be used to monitor the temperature of the water, with this information we will be able to control the light of the fish tank!.

If you feel like learning with us, you can buy the RGB Fish Tank Bundle below. We will update on this project as we go.

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If you want to learn how to build this, or build it with us as we go, then please follow us on any of the social media below. We will update the website as we go.